Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sea Fishing - The largest Marlin Catch - Tobago

Record Catch Off Tobago

...1000 pound Blue Marlin landed off Castara

Angler Brendan Bernard yesterday caught a Blue Marlin weighing 1005.9 lbs, the largest Blue Marlin catch on record in a locally-based game fishing tournament.

The previous record was 890 pounder caught five years ago.

Bernard was a member of the team aboard ‘Predator’ participating in the Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament which took place between May 9 and 12.

For landing Blue Marlin weighing more than 1,000 lbs, Bernard and four fellow anglers have won a Mercedes Benz. The boat was captained by Brendan Farfan and included anglers Peter Reid, Simon Bernard and Michael Rostant.

The tournament began in 1995 at Pigeon Point, Tobago.

Now relocated to the north end of Tobago in Charlotteville, the Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament pulls in anglers from from the Caribbean to North and South America, and Europe.

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Lucy Jevons said...

that was big. As big as what we get when we fish in Vanuatu. Try Reef fishing in Vanuatu. You'll surely love it too.